"The Red Dragon" 16/15 Hammered Dulcimer

$ 1,595.00

Our 16/15 model is characterized by its rich, full bass tones and an exceptionally bright treble.  It offers additional keys and an extended lower range of notes, allowing greater versatility and embellishment by the player.

The Red Dragon of Wales (Y Ddraig Goch) was associated with the red dragon of the Merlin of Arthurian legend.  Merlin foretold that the Welsh, after many trials, would finally retain their language and regain their land from the English.  Today, Y Ddraig Goch is a symbol of the resurgent Welsh as they strive toward a strong and prosperous Wales, Cymru Rydd, Cymru Gymraeg - a free Wales, a Welsh Wales.  The solid cherry rosettes in our Red Dragon hammered dulcimer are hand-carved Welsh red dragons (pictured below left).

All 16/15's feature movable bridges that enable the top two courses of each bridge to be sharped (converting to chromatic) by sliding the bridge segments toward the center of the instrument.  This capability is a popular feature among musicians who enjoy playing Celtic melodies.

The treble bridge contains 16 courses, with position markings for the keys of A, D, G, C, and F.  The bass bridge contains 15 courses, with position markings for the keys of D, G, C, F, and B flat.  The overall range is 3 octaves plus 1 note, from D (below middle C) to E (3 octaves above middle C)

The Red Dragon is crafted in the 16/15 hammered dulcimer configuration, with mahogany treble and bass bridges.  The woods used are unique to this model.  The soundboard is Western red cedar inlayed with a spiral Celtic braid.  The back and the upper and lower rails are mahogany.  The dimensions, weight, and other woods are the same as those of the Standard 16/15. 

The Red Dragon is outfitted with our static balanced cherry hammers bearing the same red dragon emblems, and a gooseneck tuning wrench.


Bottom rail          45 inches
Top rail               17 inches
Height                20-3/4 inches
Thickness           3-3/4 inches
Weight                18 pounds

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