Rental Program FAQ


What is the initial down payment? 

 Mountain Dulcimer: $60 for the first two months' rent plus a $60 refundable deposit.

Hammered Dulcimer: $80 for the first two months plus a $70 refundable deposit. 

What is the minimum rental period? 

Two months


What is the maximum rental period I can receive credit for? 

Four months for the mountain dulcimer and six months for the hammered dulcimer. 


Can I rent beyond four months (Mountain) or six months (Hammered)? 

Yes, but you only receive four/six months credit towards your purchase. 


Do I have to purchase a mountain or hammered dulcimer from you? 

No, but we highly encourage it! 


Can I buy my rental instrument? 

No, sorry, but you do receive credit towards the purchase of another! 


Can I pick up my rental in person? 

Yes! If you decide to pick it up at our showroom, we will refund you the shipping charge. 


How do I pick it up in person? 

Simply rent the dulcimer on our site as you would normally and then email us at with your order number and we’ll set you up with an appointment. 


What June Apple Mountain Dulcimers can I receive credit towards?