Our Rental Program


1. You pay the minimum first two months rental fee, a $70.00 Security Deposit, and the shipping fee up front. Then simply pay $40 per month after that for up to 6 months. The cost of shipping is $35. If you can pick it up there is no shipping charge. The Security Deposit is refundable. 

2. We send you your rental package and you get started playing!

3. At the end of the minimum two-month rental period, you pay your monthly rental fee per month if you wish to continue renting or return the instrument. 

4. At any time up to and including six months rental, you may apply your rental fees and deposit toward the purchase of a June Apple 16/15 or larger concert hammered dulcimer or better or any of the listed mountain dulcimers. 

After six months, you will need to choose from the following options:

1. Return the rental dulcimer and purchase a June Apple dulcimer with your rental credit and deposit applied.


2. Return the rental dulcimer and accessories with no purchase and your deposit will be returned to you. 


3. Continue renting at your monthly fee. Beyond six months, subsequent rental fees cannot be applied toward the purchase of an instrument.


If you choose to purchase a June Apple dulcimer that needs to be custom crafted, you may continue renting while it is being built and all additional rental fees will be applied toward your instrument order. 

Please note that the rental instruments are not for sale.