Praetorius Scheitholt

$ 295.00

The Praetorius Scheitholt is a medieval musical instrument of the mountain zither family.  An early illustration of this instrument was in Michael Praetorius' "Syntagma Musicum" dated 1619.  The dimensions are scaled from Praetorius' illustration as given in Bessaraboff's appendix.

Our 4-string (3 string shown to the left) Praetorius Scheitholts are made of black walnut bodies with Western red cedar tops.  We make several versions of the Praetorius Scheitholt: 
There are three models, Consumer, Consumer II, and Reproduction: 

-a curved solid headstock, three iron tuning pegs and metal frets and comes with a tuning wrench
Consumer II
-a slotted headstock, four ebony tuning pegs, wooden "lace" rosette and metal frets
-a slotted headstock, four ebony tuning pegs, wooden "lace" rosette and wooden frets 


The Consumer models come with a 6 1/2 fret. 
The Reproduction model comes without a 61/2 fret.
Dimensions for both are: 

1-3/4" x 3-1/4" x 34"

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