Norwegian Langeleik

$ 795.00

In a long and large rectangular box shape, this instrument is crafted as a reproduction based on travel to Norway with beech wooden frets and rosewood pegs. The headstock and body are made of maple wood. The Reproduction does not include a  fret. 

The Americanized version comes with eight Grover "Sta-Tite" tuning machines. The back, sides, fretboard and headstock are walnut.  The traditional "Norwegian Lyre" design is hand-carved into a Western red cedar top overhanging slightly bent steam formed sides. The Americanized version includes a 6½ fret.

Both Langeleik designs feature a curved hand-carved headstock and four wooden "feet" to support tabletop playing. The first string runs over a thin hand-carved, black walnut fretboard, seven strings are full drones, and the bottom three drone strings run over movable wooden frets. 


3" x 4-3/4" x 38-3/4"

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