Swedish/Danish Humle (Hommel)

$ 695.00

This is a large mountain zither with a big sound.  It is distinguished by one flat side edge and a wide curved edge on the other side.  This instrument is unique in that it has eight strings:  four running over the fretboard (including a bass string), and four unfretted drones (including a bass string), enabling full chording on the fretboard together with full drones.  This capability produces a very traditional and highly resonant sound.

The black walnut back displays a beautiful 2" diameter decorative wooden inlay, and the Western red cedar top includes a delicate handcrafted wooden "lace" rosette.  This instrument is tuned with zither pins and comes with a wrench.


Standard with a 6½ fret. Contact us if you would NOT like a 6½ fret with your instrument.

2-1/2" x 9" x 36"

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