Rental Hammered Dulcimer

$ 150.00

Our Hammered Dulcimer Rental Package includes: 

  • a 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer
  • Carrying Case
  • Stand
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Hammers

Cost: $40 / month

Our Hammered Dulcimer Rental Package includes a 13/12 hammered dulcimer with carrying case, a stand, a tuning wrench, and hammers. All for just $40 a month! That's a real bargain when you consider that the hammers made by us alone (one of the lowest priced items) cost $50.

Please note: 

This purchase prices includes TWO (2) months rental for the instrument and accessories, as well as a $70.00 refundable deposit. This amount can be used towards the purchase price of a dulcimer.


Please note that shipping to Alaska or Hawaii will incur additional shipping charges outside of checkout. 

For International Orders, please contact us. 

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